Musical Tribute To Our Canadian Adventure – puravida!

Now that it’s come to a close, I want to put a bit of soundtrack to our summer across Canada. These were songs we sang, I butchered, or we hummed when it got too hard to sing, others were tunes rattling around in my head during all those miles of pulling the burden of my generation across northern provinces, still other songs popped up on radios at reststops. A few were even played live in campgrounds along the way.

Maybe you’ve heard some of these tunes before, or perhaps I’m turning you on to a few new artists. Either way, enjoy! Canada’s adventure on wheels topped our last roll out the gate across America with the boys, and that’s saying something. Soak in the sounds of this time we had together as a family… untethered from everything but each other and the open road.

The Kooks: She Moves In Her Own Way

Jack Johnson’s Breakdown:

Ben Harper: Burn One Down

Fatboy Slim: That Old Pair Of Jeans (check out the juggling)

Wilco: Jesus Etc.

Spoon: The Underdog

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One Response to Musical Tribute To Our Canadian Adventure – puravida!

  1. Logan says:

    Fine selections indeed. I’m currently rereading metal cowboy and now I have a soundtrack for while I’m reading it.