Metal Cowboy Guests On Popular Podcast: Vinnie Tortorich







Tomorrow is the podcast release We talk writing, cycling, olive oil, marrying above our stations and iron overload – that stealth deadly bastard of a disease that almost killed me.

I shoot the shit with Vinnie, the angriest trainer in America, and an all round great guy; trainer to the stars and man of the people.

61839137-1I received news this morning from a woman just north of us in BC, who is sitting in hospice with her 51-year-old brother, as he dies of liver disease caused by iron overload. I vow to devote myself to stopping this disorder with early diagnosis, screening, treatment and awareness. Help me honor everyone who won’t be getting the second chance I’ve received. Fund our projects @


Metal Cowboy and Family Featured In OnPoint Credit Union Media Campaign

Our plan to blanket the world with family bike fun is taking root in the banking industry 😉 Here’s some links to the homepage featuring our rolling carnival of boys and Beth on wheels. I went into the bank the other day and came face to face with myself… and I didn’t even need to employ back magic or time travel.

photo (2)

We shot the print and video for the television spots at out very own Sellwood Park. If you look close you will notice that Enzo, our skateboarding teenager who eats, sleeps and dreams the sport, is not in the photos or video. We’ll just pretend he’s sleeping in the chariot trailer. He  was off skating in his dreams.


Here’s the TV spot. Blink and you’ll miss us but we’re the first six seconds of the ad. Now that’s some easy money and hey, if it put more images of family friendly bicycling on screen we’re all for it.