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Metal Cowboy affiliates - Joe has teamed up with fellow Adventurer/Cyclist and entrepreneur Gary Hancq to provide a truly new experience in Cycling and Active Sport vacations! Rolling Roads - Metal Cowboy Signature Tours, we'll  cycle, paddle and hike some of the most beautiful and scenic places imaginable and throw in a couple of Metal Cowboy twists and tales along the way! 
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Camp Creative
Camp Creative Logo We are running an awesome Arts & Expedition summer camp for kids and their familes based in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Writers, Artists, Musicians, Naturalists and other creative professionals from across America will be sharing their passion with kids and adults as we bring the beauty and wonder of the outdoors to the 21st century! As Joe says "Many kids today are observers of their own lives as opposed to being an active participant, It's time we get kids away from the boob tube and back outside!"

Camp Creative's Motto
"No Child Left Inside!"

How you can help support Camp Creative
You can help support Camp Creative by donating time, money, land, vehicles, supplies and equipment (camping gear, canoes, bicycles, art supplies, and office equipment would all be very much appreciated.) And you're donation is tax deductible! For further information or if you'd like to make a donation please click here Support Camp Creative

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Publishers & Writing groups - The first home of Metal Cowboy and publisher of my latest - Momentum Is Your Friend in Hardcover. The inner life of the athlete - great titles from running to rugby. - A way cool place for writers to wander about


Arkel Panniers Joe & Gary's tried and true luggage for hitting the road - and Joe's official sponsor. Good folk, great bags. Mention the Metal Cowboy and get 10 percent off.

CycleSound CycleSound was established with the expressed purpose of developing a superior bicycle sound system that eliminates the dangerous need to use headphones and ear buds. CycleSound's mission was to create a high-quality bicycle sound system that delivers a great sound, is light weight, looks cool and survives in the rugged outdoors.

Wallingford Bicyle Parts - The place to buy your Brooks Saddle! One of the best Brooks guarentees we've ever seen, if you don't like it then return it no questions asked! - What do you do on a Bike Friday? Joe liked these so much he bought one for himself! If you're looking for a folding, collaspsible travel bike this is the place to go!

Folding Tandem Bicycles - Tandem bicycles are a fun way to share the biking experience with someone you care about, as a well as a great biking option for people with vision impairments. Learn all about tandem bicycles,
recumbent bicycles and folding tandems here.

INVIEW | : Bicycle Apparel - Inview manufacture a range of mens and womens cycling apparel,multi-sport clothing and bicycle wear including shirts, jerseys and cycle accessories. All cycle clothes 100% merino wool.

Stylish Assos Clothing Discover a wide selection of stylish Assos jackets, jerseys, gloves, bib shorts, head wear & much more at Our unique collection is available in different styles, designs and colors. 

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Favorite Cycling pages Ken's life was about independence and finding a life that mattered within nature. He was a great champion of the bicycle and his webpages will help anyone looking for tons of info and inspiration about cycling. We'll miss you Ken! - Riin Gill, knitter, spinner, dyer, cyclist, vegetarian, rabbit mom, expatriate wannabe... Rinn was a dear friend of Ken Kifer, she's a very nice lady! - The Big Daddy of cycling magazines! The ultimate Bicycle Trip journal site! Neal has done an exceptional job of creating a gathering place for touring cyclists from around the world! And a visit wouldn't be complete without checking out his own cycling journals! "America's longest rail-trail - The Katy Trail is a 225 mile crushed limestone paradise which crosses almost the entire state of Missouri, and follows Lewis and Clark's route up the Missouri River". It's a hidden gem. And now you can ride It with Rolling Roads & the Metal Cowboy! Kent has a great blog, and the owl picture is way cool! Iowa Bicycle Coalition, A strong group who are helping to make cycling more accessible and safer in the heartland! - Bikejournal is designed to provide you, the avid or recreational biker, with a convenient and fun way to track your rides and meet other cyclists for camaraderie, motivation, and even competition. Very Cool! - Another great cycling resource

The WWW Bicycle Lane - Lots of great cycling links!
check out and all the Rides!
Scott runs a great site and provides an awesome service to Iowa cyclists! And he's a way cool guy too! For all things cycling in Iowa check out this site! - These guys are on a mission, here's the opening blurb from there site: The Bicycle Forest aims to promote bicycles and other human powered vehicles as a viable form of transportation. Through renting out a large diversity of well maintained human powered vehicles from manufacturers all over the world, we hope to give people a taste of the various options currently available. - Find out what's going on in the Bike world, and read columns by your's truly! - Check out this great cycling magazine - Wordstock is Portland's annual festival of the Book - Friends of the Cowboy, offering guided and self-guided biking and multi-sport holidays. - One Less Car is a site about two brothers (and friends) obsessed with bicycles. They wanted t-shirts that were bike related, had a message and were unique; not just a t-shirt plastered with advertising. After several beers (for one of us anyway), and throwing out ideas, they decided to just do it themselves. So thats it, just a couple of guys (and a girl or two) in the back of a tattoo shop with a screen printing kit and some pretty damn good ideas, trying to make shirts that other bicycle enthusiasts might like, and hopefully purchase, so they can continue our bicycle addiction. Check it out!   - Most fanatic cyclists know who Major Taylor is, if you don't already know check him out! The Infamous Tornado Alley Annual Ride - 110 miles, 4 states, loads of fun! - A travel company offering creative bike (bicycle) tours for cyclists and outdoor adventurers looking to explore many of the world?s best places. They run bicycle tours in Canada, including Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, as well as Ireland, Italy (including Tuscany, Sicily and Umbria and Puglia), Croatia, and Costa Rica.

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People On a Mission
A family run site, inspiring families to live adventurously. Look them up for inspiring stories about families that adventure together in different ways and find many inspirational stories from another Family on a Bike. - A cycling couple whose aim is to raise funds for lung research while they cycle, they do this through the BC Lung Association to which all donations go directly - their first trip raised $8,000. All costs of the trip were paid by the couple. And they will be doing it again! - What do you get when you take two burned-out school teachers, their 8-year-old twin sons, and a brand new bicycle built for three? Nancy, John, Daryl and David found an entire year filled with magic on their Bikes!

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Bike Clubs - Cascade Bicycle Club - A Great club based in Seattle. - Best bike resource in Portland and beyond! Go Jonathan! - Portlands River City Cycling Club  - Omaha is a great cycling city! I bet you never guessed! - Quad Cities Bicycle club, (Rock Island & Moline Illinois and Bettendorf & Davenport Iowa, another hidden Midwest jewel! - The Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club welcomes bicycle riders of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Founded in 1888, TWBC serves "to promote and develop safe bicycling for recreation, health and alternate transportation." A Great Club that's been around forever! - The Seattle Bicycle Touring Club is an informal group of recreational cyclists promoting Rides and Fun for its members in the Greater Seattle area. They have one of the largest cycling resource websites in the nation at close to 400 pages, 200+ area cue sheets/maps, +70 pages for start ride locations, links to every publicly available Pacific Northwest bike map and a 40 page LAB library for taking care of you and your bike. - A cycling club in Saskatoon

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Bike Shops

River City Bicycles

River City Bicycles - The Cowboy's home shop in Portland Oregon!

The Bike Rack - A Great shop in Omaha Nebraska!

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Great Books by other authors - Hands down the best damn satirist since Douglas Adams shook off his mortal coil. And this ain't just mutual admiration society talk between writer pals. This boy can scribble like a literary house on fire. If you haven't treated yourself to Moore, or more Moore, I envy you and the literary rides you are in for - damn, I wish I could erase his tales from my memories and do it all over again.

Lynette Chiang - The Gal From Down Under - You have to read her book "The Handsomest Man In Cuba" Lynette is an adventurette and writer of the highest caliber having traveled the world on her trusty Bike Friday, once you start reading her book you'll find it hard to stop! Viva La China! Lynette is also the Customer Evangelist for Bike Friday. The prince of folding bikes.

Willie Weir
Willie Weir - Spokesongs cover
Another great Author, Radio Show personality and friend of the Cowboy, check out Willie's book Spokesongs! Tom's a satirist of the highest order. Little books - big stories. Buy these as gifts for people you really like.

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Very useful trip planning Links

Passport America - Campground Discount Membership.

The Old Farmer's Almanac - Long-Range Forecasts

Farmers Almanac Long-Range Forecasts

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Friends of the Metal Cowboy  - My Cousin Chris Reid runs the best drum utopia in the world - a website and retail store in LA. Oh, and he's one of my favorite people - heart of a lion. - Jimbo is the funniest guy in Oklahoma - great storyteller. He pedals, tools around in an RV, and I'd be jealous of his tales but he's old as the hills and I probably have more time left to make good stuff up. Check out this gem of the Sooner state. - What's on your TODOLIST?! Mike and Chris are friends of a friend who featured me on their site and  are kindred spirits to say the least. This is a great site with tons of blogs about people doing interesting things with their time - from the outrageous to the heartfelt. - Another Great blog by a personal friend, Jim's an interesting guy and he has a great outlook on the world. - Another Florida raised pal who has a new bike tour blog - check it out. - Metal Cowboy pal and photographer Rick Gunn

Blue Hudson Group LogoBlue Hudson Group - A Sales and Marketing Consulting Firm specializing in Corporate Training Solutions. Whose goal is to educate, train and support the people aspect of business, through the use of cutting edge management and marketing expertise, with personalized coaching and specialized development of key staff personnel. Blue Hudson Group is a friend and consultant for

Michelle Bergkamp Photography
Michelle Bergkamp Photography - bannerMichelle Bergkamp is a friend of the Metal Cowboy and Rolling Roads, and a wonderful photographer, one of her pictures was chosen for use on the front cover of Joe's latest book, Momentum is your friend
That's her son in the top 1/3rd of the cover.

Eric Olson A commentary on the web, business, technology, venture capital, movies, books and other great stuff (including cycling!) by Eric Olson - Best bike resource in Portland and beyond! Go Jonathan! - My pals out of PA run a great overall bike resource site. And put out fresh quarterly newsletter. Check it out for everything bike related. - Bentley's done the hard work of mining the net for the best and often most thorough collection of cycling related sites. He's a nice guy as well.

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South King County (WA) Environmental Activities - South King County (WA) Environmental Activities Protecting and preserving environmental aspects of the county, providing the public guidance and assistance in meeting their environmental obligations, and leading the county into environmental awareness activism and programs.

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Joe "Metal Cowboy" Kurmaskie has rode over 100,000 on his bicycle around the world, author of 2 bestselling bicycle adventure books, Metal Cowboy and Riding outside the Lines which are filled with humorous and entertaining stories about a guy committed to living life to the fullest. In his latest book "Momentum is your Friend," Joe chronicles a Grand Adventure he shared with his two sons Quinn and Enzo (ages 7 and 5)on a Cross Country 4000 mile ride. With 14' of bicycle rig and over 250lbs of kids and gear, Momentum is your Friend is an inspiring and heart warming adventure.

"Mark Twain on two wheels" - USA Today
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Rolling Roads Metal Cowboy Signature Adventure Vacations - Whatever your level of experience, you'll find a Rolling Roads Bicycle or Active Sport Vacation that's just your speed. For information on available bike, canoe, kayak, hiking and multi-sport vacations please visit Rolling Roads at
Rolling Roads - There's always a new adventure waiting for you!

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Camp Creative
Summer 2008
Season coming soon

2007 Performance Events


The Cowboy and Family are riding across Canada Throughout the months of August
and September!

Visit the
Blog & Image Gallery
for updates and pictures!


Sep 14th 2007 - 7pm
Kings Theatre,
Annapolis, Nova Scotia

Sep 15th, 2007 - 7pm
Lobster Galley Kitchen, Baddek, Nova Scotia

Kick off party for Ride The Lobster Unicycle race

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