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Following in the tradition of Jeff Foxworthy, “You Might Be A Cyclist If… ” is humor and inspiration to keep you rolling. The perfect read for anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle. You’ll recognize yourself on many pages or see your coworkers, friends or family in every quote. Think “Deep Thoughts” By Jack Handey meets “Sh%t My Dad Says” for the cycling crowd. A must give gift for that cycling fanatic in your life. Excerpts: If you Own More Tights Than a Children’s Theatre Production Of Peter Pan… You might be a cyclist. If thats frozen water in the bottle, but you take the cold morning ride anyway… you might be a cyclist. If your bike lights are so out of hand packs of German exchange students mistake you for a dance club and rave around you at stoplights… you might be a cyclist. If you announce that it’s too hot to cut the grass, then bike off to do a century.. you might be a cyclist. If you go to your local bike shop for that new bike smell and the whiff of arrogance radiating off the younger staff… you might be a cyclist. If you enjoy an entire summer of sunrises in the saddle… you might be a cyclist. Now buy the book for every cyclist you know or anyone you want to become one.

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