Bike Camps

Let’s Go Bike Camping!


Camp Creative: No Child Left Inside  = Summer bike camps for kids, teens and families hosted the Metal Cowboy  AKA Joe Kurmaskie… and a small army of amazing program staff and volunteers… props, we couldn’t do it without them.

Camp Creative’s long running bike camp program is a collaborative effort/partnership with Portland Parks And Recreation, which handles our registration, some advertising and provides launch out space and programming facilities in their community centers.

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We’re an Oregon based Bike Camp. What that means is we bike everywhere, to all manner of activities from blueberry picking to creek walks to science museums to music festivals with many traditional camp activities – sports, arts, crafts, drama, music, hiking, jello wars, swimming along the way.

Our emphasis is on the arts (especially literary) and safe, exciting project themed daily expeditions: Bicycling – road and mountain riding, day camp expeditions, that’s  our primary way of exploring. In addition, we do hiking and backpacking side trips and hope to add canoe, sea kayaking, rafting and sailing programs. We operate under American Camping Association standards.

Where is it based? Portland Oregon. We meet and leave from community centers throughout the greater Portland area.

Who is it for? Our programs are for kids, teens and adults, Everyone, really, who wants a project based recreational experience is invited to attend. We’ll offer sliding scale tuitions and scholarships.  We  attract a diverse ethnic and socio-economic population from the NW with a portion of our camper slots available to kids/adults/families.

What is the Project Based Approach to Recreation and Experiential Learning? On top of having fun, building friendships, being in the moment and learning new skills, we want campers to have a project based approach to life. Project Based Education takes one theme and explores it from many angles – an inclusive approach to something. Each session will have a common set of daily activities: sports, meal prep, campfire, words on wheels mentorship’s, swimming etc.

Additionally, they will choose from a menu of PROJECTS related to where they are going or what they are doing that week. They will explore one project ( Natural homebuilding, Wildlife, boat building, or bike touring the covered Bridges of Clark County) from various angles: historic, environmental, scientific, economic, social, folkloric, etc. – while using various skills and mediums that appeal and interest each individual camper – photography, drawing, block printmaking, video, poetry, journalism, cooking, etc. Example: while bicycle touring through 15 covered bridges in Clark County during a five day bike camp expedition -the project might be to create a presentation of each bridge using a variety of media from different perspectives – digital images, video etc. one camper might discover why the bridges were built in the first place and do an illustrated display of this, another might interview locals for stories about the bridges, another camper would find out what different bridges were made out of, why and how this related to the economics, ecology of the area, the technology of the era, – expressing this in a tactile display of art that incorporates these materials. Another camper documents the wildlife found at or around each bridge. The overriding goal is to explore and learn how our world is connected and our sustainable place in it.

Each group/team will present these projects completed or ongoing – back in camp at an end of the week festival. These projects will be open ended so that future teams can build on them and the program creates a well of knowledge, perspective and expressions of talent and models for learning that are hands-on, alive and fun.

Camp Creative’s project based approach will actually feel like an adventure of a high order rather than days of study and work. We’ll have a sense of exploration, whimsy and fun in every activity we dive into.


What Will Camp Cost? A one week session ( 5days per session) $225 per week. Weeklong Expeditions  – base camp out of a state park, sleepover camp  with day rides  $650. This will include all food, equipment, lodging, special events, and take home creations and projects. Expedition fees will cover all of the above plus NW transportation fees during sessions.