Petition: Test For HH

Demand Iron Tests Back On Routine Blood Panels

images-3Iron Overload AKA Hemochromatosis, is the most common, deadly, but treatable genetic disease in America… that we are failing to diagnose early and treat in time!

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During its early, damaging stages it’s asymptomatic in 75 percent = silent killer. 1.7 Million undiagnosed, 1 million diagnosed too late, 15 million carriers. It’s a major trigger for heart failure, heart attacks, liver failure, cirrhosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and a number of cancers.

The irony is that both testing and treatment for iron overload are simple. A “transferrin saturation” test and ferritin test show whether excess iron is being absorbed and at what rate.

The 1998 decision to unbundle serum iron and ferritin from the routine CBC panel closed a window for early detection/diagnosis. It made no medical sense and cost countless lives. Worldwide large population studies conclude that 40 percent of those with hemochromatosis will get ill.

It dwarfs ALS, MDA and MS in cases and is on par with diabetes, but few have heard of it… while they, their family and friends die from it. Putting these iron tests back makes medical sense and would not only increase detection of iron overload, but Wilson’s disease, anemia, cirrhosis, diabetes and Rheumatoid arthritis.

Far from a cost savings, that 1998 decision actually increased healthcare costs. Before unbundling, a blood panel that included iron tests and a complete blood count cost $100. After, the same tests done separately cost $400. If iron tests were back on the initial blood test screening an America Medical Association study noted it would increase diagnosis rates 20 fold., and everyone signing this petition demand these tests go back on the CBC panel immediately.