Family Bike Camps

Currently  Pacific Northwest Locations Only

Family Bike Camp Weeklong Sessions –  are a chance for the whole family to get in on the fun. We take a dozen families of any combination, cargo bike tagalongs, trailers, every family member on their own bikes. Groups are kept at 30 people or less.

Programing is much the same as our popular day camps but with overnight camping activities which include campfires, ranger programs, cook outs, talent shows. Think overnight camp programing. On day one we pedal out to a state park such as Oxbow Regional Park  in Portland, Oregon. There we set up a group base camp with some programing, swimming, hikes, sports, crafts etc. inside the park, coupled with daily adventure pedals to waterfalls and Gorge hiking trails, Willamette Valley farms, attractions  rivers during a five day session.