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A Guide To Falling Down In Public


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New bicycle adventure travel stories from the Metal Cowboy

The fifth book in the Metal Cowboy series of bicycle-touring tales hits the open road in high gear and never looks back. Whether he’s outsprinting African elephants and dictators in Zimbabwe; confounding Mexican freedom fighters in Copper Canyon with nothing more than broken Spanish, questionable geopolitical skills, and the magic of a bicycle; taking a man and his lover’s ashes on one last ride on a tandem; or riding down awful truths and celebrating beautiful wrecks on five continents, Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie has mastered the painful art of falling down and the flat-out rush of getting back up again.

This collection is a kaleidoscope of exuberant cycling adventure stories spanning four decades and thirty countries. It embraces the absurdity of living at any speed, the fragility in each of us the world over, and the simple wonders waiting just up the road.

“Inspiring, funny, and sometimes lyrical, Joe Kurmaskie is a philosopher-athlete on wheels. His latest, a triumph on all fronts.
I always come away from his books feeling a little better about life, nature, and humanity in general, — and I don’t even own a bike.”
-Christopher Moore, NY Times Bestselling author of Lamb, Fool, and A Dirty Job.
“An absolute hurricane of a read. I couldn’t go anywhere until it was over.” – Foreword Magazine

“A Guide to Falling Down is brave, authentic and unapologetic while seeking dangerous levels of happiness in the saddle… and in the company of others.” – Spoken Words

“Call it Bike Lit. Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie is all over it.” – The Oregonian

“Like no other ride or read out there.” Ron Paris, author of Waiting For Happiness

“An impressive feat, full of stories any touring cyclist can relate to.”

“That rare read that gets you laughing out loud one moment and holding something for support the next – from the sheer humanity rolling off the page.” – Midwest Book Review

“Entertaining, enviable, admirable. Each chapter has you alternately smiling, laughing, nodding in agreement – it is difficult to restrain yourself from binge-reading it at one sitting.” –

Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie lives in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of Metal Cowboy, Riding Outside the Lines, Momentum Is Your Friend, and Mud, Sweat, and Gears. He is a much sought-after speaker, addressing and performing before bicycling and outdoor groups around the country.

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